Our Story

Our story started sadly with the passing away of my father. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a terminal cancer diagnosis caused by Asbestos fibres that were used widely in Australia as insulation for houses. At 6ft 5 with a personality as big as he was tall, he was given just 9-12 months to live. Typical of him, he laughed at the prognosis and started planning a holiday two years in the future, refusing to believe it could be true. Unfortunately, the prognosis proved accurate and those final months were probably the hardest of my life as I slowly watched my hero fade away in front of my eyes. He was suffering from unbelievable pain and as this worsened as his medication increased. As a result, it became increasingly hard for him to function and hold conversations.

That’s when I started researching alternative therapies for pain relief and found CBD. I became consumed by all manner of medical research, blogs, true-life stories – anything on CBD and how it could make my dad feel more at ease and be able to be present. It paid off. I believe CBD helped him to enjoy his last months with us.

This is not a story about a miracle cure, but CBD did help my dad with his pain to the extent that he was able to cut down on the prescription drugs that affected his cognitive functions and enjoy his final months more. Throughout 2019 while I was researching CBD, I acquired some samples from a friend whose mum had started to make her own blends as she too was finding it offered significant benefits for her existing condition. After seeing the good it did her and understanding how safe and natural CBD is as a supplement, I started to question why it wasn’t accessible to everyone.

That’s why we launched Orlo, to educate consumers on the real benefits of CBD, tackle the historical stigma and deliver a premium CBD product that is easily accessible and suitable for athletes, professionals, travellers and those looking for a natural pain relief solution without compromising on quality or ethics.

We source the best all-organic 100% pure hemp infused with essential oils and zero THC so that it doesn’t affect you mentally, allowing you to benefit from CBD and still enjoy your lifestyle.