To THC or not to THC: Is that the question?

To THC or not to THC: Is that the question?

For novices to the world of CBD, it’s common to believe that a product derived from the cannabis plant must have the same infamous side effects, such as hallucinating and feeling high.

While you can buy CBD oils that contain THC, At Orlo we believe that you should be able to experience the benefits of CBD at any time whether at work, for athletes for pain relief or at home to help you sleep that’s why all our products are certified THC  pure and simple. But why is this?  

Both CBD and THC are naturally found in the cannabis plant, and both have a very similar molecular makeup. They also both interact with the body’s natural endocannabinoid receptors, which serve to regulate and harmonise all of our internal systems, from digestive and nervous through to immune and endocrine. Importantly, they also make us feel good.

The effect CBD and THC have on these receptors are very different. THC binds with these receptors and amplifies their natural function, leading to a sense of feeling high. However, this is short-lived and the effect disappears when the body’s enzymes break the receptors down.

CBD, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. Rather than binding with endocannabinoids, it blocks the enzymes that break them down instead. This means these feel-good receptors stick around for longer, which can not only lead to sustained feelings of normal good moods but, as many people have claimed, better body functioning and in most cases, reduced pain.

On its own, people have found that pure CBD products can help them manage anxiety and improve their moods, get better quality, deeper sleep, manage pain and even correct skin complaints. It’s also ideal for those who may have to undergo drug testing as part of their job but want an all-natural wellbeing remedy, as CBD will not be detected. THC, however, will – no matter how small the trace.

It’s for this reason that Orlo believes that CBD should be celebrated in all its purity. In order to do this, CO2 extraction and vacuum distillation process are used to bring out all cannabinoids, from the hemp plant leaving us with a mixture of CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes, we then go for a secondary process of chromatography to remove all traces of toxins and THC. 

The result, a pure, all-natural oil without a single nasty. Not one!