The rise of CBD

The rise of CBD

After centuries of being used as a medicinal remedy across the world for a whole host of complaints, from insomnia right through to epilepsy, CBD brands, such as Orlo, are finally getting the recognition and fame they deserve. From acne-free skin to pain relief, CBD has a long history from as far back as 4000BC, everyone from the Chinese to the ancient Egyptians and even the Romans have dabbled in the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

In fact, for a long time, it was even readily available in the UK – or at least it was until 1928. Since then, increasing measures have come into place, the most famous of which being the UN Single Convention of Narcotic Drugs in 1961, which have made it increasingly difficult to buy for remedial purposes. With all cannabis-related products falling under the negative narcotics labelling up until 2019, after numerous studies showcasing how CBD can help suffering individuals from host ailments to lead normal lives.

CBD has made headlines a few times in recent years largely because of its success rate in reducing seizures in certain forms of childhood epilepsy. As the stories of little Alfie Dingley and Teagan Appleby hit the newspapers, the Great British public began to relax their views on CBD triggering a new phase in natural health and wellbeing solutions.

From this grew a greater understanding of the definitions between the infamous drug with its hallucinogenic properties and the widely believed benefits of CBD, which doesn’t contain the ‘high-inducing’, addictive THC like its narcotic counterpart. 

Instead, when distilled into an oil, CBD can be easily integrated into peoples’ daily routines to ease anxiety, recover from sports training and by the parents of some severely epileptic children. Whether you’re popping a few drops in your coffee or mixing it in with your moisturiser, our ever-growing understanding of the benefits of this good CBD products are helping millions of people find ways of taking control of their lives, naturally.

We may still have a long way to go in normalising CBD products, but as we continue to search for greener means of living and are beginning to realise just how important our individual wellbeing is in mind, body and soul, it seems this old-timer is finally about to get its time in the sun. 

If we’ve learnt one thing during this surreal year, it’s that our health and wellbeing is paramount. So for those moments, you feel you need an extra helping hand, or as part of a sustained wellbeing routine, give Orlo CBD oils a try. Blended with the finest organic ingredients, these natural oils help millions manage anxiety and pain and improve sleep – all things which can impact your ability to live your best life.