Stay calm and carry on

Stay calm and carry on

How people claim CBD oil helps manage stress

Everyone experiences stress differently and it can be triggered by all manner of things in our day-to-day life. Because of this, ensuring we take measures to look after our wellbeing and find time for ourselves every day is extremely important.

Many individuals around the world have found that using CBD oil as part of their wellbeing routine helps them manage their stress – and often in ways they didn’t realise would be so beneficial.

Here are just some of the ways people have claimed CBD oil helps them.

Mastering anxiety

Perhaps one of the worst consequences of stress is anxiety – the body’s internal reaction to difficult and overwhelming situations.

How anxiety manifests varies from person to person and while the triggers for it are usually easily explained (such as having a confrontation with a friend or a bad day at work), you can experience a form of anxiety attack for no reason at all sometimes.

There are many ways to manage your anxiety, such as breathing exercises and addressing the triggers. But many have found that by regularly using the recommended dose of CBD oil, they feel better able to manage their anxiety, and their symptoms aren’t as severe.

Increasingly, medical studies support these claims too¹. If you suffer from anxiety and want to explore natural methods of managing it, why not give Orlo CBD oil a go and see if it works for you?

Sound asleep

When we’re stressed we can find it hard to switch our minds off, meaning that when it comes to bed time, it can be a real challenge trying to drift off to sleep.

Ironically, one of the best cures to stress is to rest and recuperate, but if sleep evades you, it’s likely you’ll feel increasingly exhausted and overwhelmed.

Practising mindful meditation, writing down what agues you and exercising regularly are all proven ways of alleviating stress and helping you switch off at night. But some believe CBD oil can help with this too, as well as ensuring you sleep restfully rather than waking up throughout the night.

Managing pain

Struggling with aches and pains can be stressful in the short and long term. And for some individuals, depending on how their anxiety manifests, it can even be triggered by stressful situations, causing a vicious circle that’s not only uncomfortable, but demoralising too.

It is believed that regularly taking CBD oil can help manage even chronic pain and thousands of people worldwide can testify to this, believing that a couple of drops a day is helping them lead happier, more active lives as a result.

If you suffer from anxiety or are struggling to manage stress, it is best to seek medical advice. However, if you think CBD oil could work for you as an alternative remedy, why not give it a try with Orlo?