Find your flow

Find your flow

Top tips for using Orlo CBD oil

When you first begin using any CBD oil, the key is to start off slow and then build up your dosage until you’ve found a level and strength that fits your flow (within the recommended amounts, of course).

If you want to explore different ways of taking it, or want to mix up your current routine, check out these five ways to use CBD oil.

1/ Under your tongue

One of the most popular and easy ways to take CBD oil as a tincture under your tongue. Just one or two drops here without water enables the CBD oil to access your bloodstream quicker, making it an efficient way of enjoying the effects you’re looking for.

Plus, if you opt for Orlo’s flavoured oils, such as XX, you get to experience the delicious, undiluted taste too – a relaxing experience in itself.

2/ Drink up!

For a less immediate result, try adding drops of Orlo CBD oil to your favourite drink. Unflavoured, the oil won’t impact the taste of your drink at all, so you can stay refreshed while gradually benefitting from the effects over the course of 30 minutes or so.

If you opt for a flavoured oil, you’ll get a subtle note of the oil which can even enhance your beverage. This is best enjoyed with cool drinks such as water, juice or even a smoothie.

3/ Treat your skin

For those looking to explore the reported skin benefits of CBD oil, try adding a few drops to your favourite moisturiser.

Whether it’s for your face or body you may find that, as many people have discovered already, using CBD oil externally on a regular basis could help skin look healthy and nourished, or even penetrate deeper to potentially soothe aches and pains.

4/ Soak your cares away

There’s no denying the calming, restorative benefits of a long, hot bath. But by adding Orlo CBD oil into the mix, you could find a means of truly unwinding.

As with adding it to moisturiser, adding a few drops to your bath along with your usual bubbles or salts may not seem like much, but it could aid in getting your body to completely relax after a difficult day and perhaps ease tired muscles after exercise.

5/ Spritz and go

In a similar vein to aromatherapy, you can explore means of inhaling diluted CBD oil as part of a relaxing breathing exercise.

There are lots of ways to do this safely, including adding a few drops to hot water then breathing in the steam as you would with traditional decongestants, or adding a few drops to your favourite fragrances in an aroma diffuser. You could even make your own pocket face mist which you can carry around with you and spritz over your face when you need a minute to refresh and find your centre.